Since I do not currently have the time to make a proper website for it, here goes the announcement: I’m excited to announce that the modded Minecraft convention, BTM, is coming back this July!

(A screenshot from the Winter BTM16 - see more, videos)

  • Date: 29th-31st July 2016 (the date changed! this one’s final, though)
  • Place: The Internet
  • Website: TBA
  • Minecraft Version: 1.9

BTM is a modded Minecraft convention which takes place inside the game itself, letting you interact with many exciting mods and modders live. This is the third installment of the event, with many events and attractions planned! You can find videos of the previous events on YouTube - it’s really fun, sometimes chaotic and definitely worth a visit - or a longer stay!

Our planned attractions include:

  • Keynotes and panels by a variety of modders, pack creators and other people in the Minecraft community - more and less known!
  • Mod booths, letting you interact with the latest and greatest mods and discover new features - as well as talk to the modders themselves!
  • The OpenComputers Demo Competition! Let’s kickstart the Minecraft demoscene together! (More information below)
  • Various ways to spend your free time, including but not limited to a music booth - people who were at the winter BTM might have a clue.
  • Many more surprises and special events we cannot announce yet!
  • Flamingo

To give you an idea of why it is worth to visit the convention, check out the in-game livestream we performed last BTM.

If you want to apply for a panel or suggest ideas, drop me an email on asiekierka “at” gmail “dot” com - keep in mind, however, that official registrations won’t open for a while still.

This summer, just like in winter, the server machine is being kindly donated by Resonant Host. This is important, as it let us (almost) withstand the storm of 120 simultaneous players with 25 mod booths ticking simultaneously - without having to pay a fortune. I’m sure we can provide a service as good, if not better, as the last time around.

Following are details on the OpenComputers Demo Competition, as that probably requires the most time to prepare. The rules might be updated in the next few days, but they should more or less stay the same:

  • The following categories are being considered: Demo, EEPROM, Game, Tool, Artwork and Wild. This is not final, however - categories with few entries may get merged into other ones and new categories might be created. We will show every demo, however voting will only be allowed in official categories. We might also consider separate Demo categories for Tier 1 and Tier 2 OpenComputers machines with RAM scaled accordingly - please contact us if you’re interested!
  • Entries are accepted until July 22nd. Multiple entries from one person are allowed (Marisa, don’t go too crazy please).
  • For categories Demo, Game, Tool and EEPROM:
    • The compo machine is an OpenComputers Case with a Tier 3 GPU, 2 megabytes of RAM, a Tier 3 Lua 5.3 CPU and the latest version of OpenOS available at the time. Additional cards/peripherals may be requested - especially for sound - however we do not promise they will qualify outside of Wild (especially if they overpower OpenComputers’s built-in capabilities)!
    • Hint from the organizers: OpenComputers has highly limited audio capabilities, but Computronics provides a Beep Card, Noise Card and a Tape Drive! Do look into them.
    • If you use the Tape Drive for audio, generating your music inside OpenComputers is considered good form even if it requires preload time to write to the tape.
    • Any additional requirements, the author(s) and a short comment will be shown on an info panel before the demo is displayed.
  • For categories Demo, Game, Artwork and EEPROM:
    • No wireless/Internet connectivity is allowed - your demos must be self-contained.
  • For categories Demo and EEPROM:
    • If your demo requires any user input, please let us know. If your demo requires any custom OSes/preparation, please let us know.
  • In the Demo category, your demo must fit on one unit’s worth of an OpenComputers storage medium (floppy disk or hard drive). Please note that floppy disk contributions are encouraged as they’re cooler - and if we get enough of them, we might make a separate category for them!
  • In the EEPROM category, your demo must run fully off an OpenComputers EEPROM card and load no external data.
  • In the Game category, we’re going to do our best to play your game - please provide some sort of documentation on how to play the game.
  • In the Tool category, you can show non-game applications for OpenComputers - though this will probably involve you either providing some sort of demonstration or showing it off yourself (in which case, audio chat is necessary).
  • In the Artwork category, your demo should be in the form of a static display on a Tier 3 GPU, coupled with its own Lua-based loader.
  • For the Wild category - go wild! You can use Robots, Drones, even TIS-3D or redstone! If you want to use a completely different mod, let us know beforehand so we can discuss it and install it.
    • Note: Your demo can’t bring down the entire server in lag. Vanilla redstone might not be a good idea - we recommend Glowstone Cooling(tm).
  • If you need any additional mods, please contact us beforehand (at least 2 weeks before the convention) to discuss. We will definitely deliver the development builds of OpenComputers, TIS-3D and Computronics current for mid-July 2016. We reserve the right to move entries using additional mods to the Wild category, as well as to not allow certain mods.

For examples of what can be done with OpenComputers, we recommend to look at the OpenComputers forum. Here’s some reasons why you should look into OC as a democoding platform:

  • Neatly sandboxed - meaning some interesting limitations and it won’t grind the server to a halt
  • 160x50 Unicode GPU with 256 colours (16 configurable) and a fair set of operations
  • Lua 5.3-based powerful and modular architecture
  • Helpful community and good documentation

Feel free to take a look at this for documentation, and this or this for inspiration.

We recommend exploring OpenComputers, as well as other mod peripherals such as the Computronics Beep Card, Noise Card (audio cards :D) and Tape Drive.

Final note, the GPU call limitations:

  • Getters are generally free.
  • Tier 1 GPUs provide 64 cycles, Tier 2 GPUs provide 128, Tier 3 GPUs provide 256.
  • Tier 1 GPUs provide 2 colors, Tier 2 GPUs provide 16 colors, Tier 3 GPUs provide 256 colors (16 definable).
  • setBackground/setForeground/fill take 2 cycles, copy takes 4, set takes 1, setPaletteColor takes 16.
  • PS. On tier 1 GPUs, setPaletteColor takes 32 cycles.